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PBIS looks like more orderly lines outside the door before school and at recess. It sounds like quiet transitions between classes at school, and whatever your child may have told you about "earning HAWK awards" and something about a "filling the Hawk's nest." But PBIS goes much deeper than quiet lines, tickets and prizes. Here is the what and why behind Prairie View’s decision to implement a PBIS program.

Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) allows for the opportunity to provide a consistent and fair behavior plan. View our school wide PBIS Plan HERE.

Research shows that students achieve at a higher level when they know school expectations and feel safe. Our plan provides detailed expectations for shared areas of the school, while putting an extreme emphasis on respect and safety.

The success of our plan will improve with time and with the participation of our families. Ask your child what the expectations for the hallway, cafeteria, bathroom, assemblies, and for lining up in the morning.

There are four overall expectations for students, which teachers and staff will teach explicitly and consistently. Posters throughout the school will advertise and reinforce PBIS.

Hawk Pledge image

School-wide expectations, specific consequences for breaking those expectations/rules, and a system of documenting the interventions attempt to reduce problem behavior. PBIS focuses on reducing the problem behavior through positive support and explicit teaching of appropriate behaviors rather than through fear of punishment. When teachers observe students following expectations, they will give HAWK awards.  HAWK awards may be exchanged for a variety of rewards or entered in weekly school-wide drawings.

PBIS, at the foundation, is reliant upon building success from positive interactions with adults and peers. This includes students, staff and even parents. We are confident that our unified approach is creating the supportive environment we believe will enhance your children's academic and social development and thank you for all the ways you participate and support not just your own, but our entire community of children!