Prairie View Elementary School

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Prairie View Elementary Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-7800 | Fax: 509-465-7820 | Attendance Line: 509-465-7884 (24hrs)  

Principal: Irene Gonzales 509-465-7810
Assistant Principal Brenda Goehring 509-465-7825
Principal's Administrative Assistant Kirstin Thompson 509-465-7802
Building Administrative Assistant Heidi Tollefsen 509-465-7801

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Phone- 509-465-

Jennifer Bagnall 2nd Grade Teacher 7888
Dawn Belding-Wilson Occupational Therapist 7600
Susan Bell 1st Grade Teacher 7829
Tammy Bown DLC Para Educator 7800
Kristin Busch 1st Grade Teacher 7822
Hayley Calhoun Educational Specialist 7687
Julia Cardenas 4th Grade Teacher 7800
Julia Carrell School Psychologist 7600
Flora Chevillet Library Para Educator 7814
Debbie Cox Social Worker 7849
Rebecca Danica 3rd Grade Teacher 7842
Jennifer Dieter 3rd Grade Teacher 7860
Sheri Eggleston Para Educator 7800
Nora Ehrhardt Para Educator 7800
M'Liss Fackrell 2nd Grade Teacher 7800
Wende Fisk LAP Teacher 7800
Colette Flynn Kindergarten Teacher 7800
Kim Gortsema Educational Specialist 7620
Jennifer Gockley 1st Grade Teacher 7823
Brenda Goehring Assistant Principal 7825
Irene Gonzales Principal 7810
Manny Gonzales DS Custodian 3 7800
Nichole Gray Resource Teacher/Intermediate 7845
Ryan Hodl 5th Grade Teacher 7835
Bonnie Iverson 2nd Grade Teacher 7889
Gena Johnson Nurse 7800
Tracy Jordan Kindergarten Teacher 7832
Kenzie Lallier DLC Para Educator 7800
Kimberly Leighty 1st Grade Teacher 7828
Ryne Leonard Resource Para Educator 7800
Andrea Locati Kindergarten Teacher 7800
Grace Longmeier Resource Teacher/ Primary 7831
Caitlyn Louis DLC Para Educator 7800
Lisa Martin Music Teacher 7850
Lindsey Masiarek Physical Therapist 7600
Erin Matheson Para Educator 7800
Jessica Mawell Library, PE, Music Support Teacher 7800
Jane McCarville ELD Teacher 7800
Lois McKinnell DLC Para Educator 7800
Morgan Mizoguchi DLC Para Educator 7800
Amber Morales Para Educator 7800
Rachelle Mulder LAP Teacher 7824
Haley Murray 4th Grade Teacher 7844
Donn Nelson Teacher of Deaf & Hard of Hearing 7600
Melinda Nickeson Manager II 7815
Cheyeanne Murphy SS Custodian 2 7831
Alisha Nelson 2nd Grade Teacher 7800
Donn Nelson Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing 7683
Renae Nilles Resource Para Educator 7800
Kellie Nixon 4th Grade Teacher 7837
Linda Pachman Para Educator 7806
Charitie Park 2nd Grade Teacher 7855
Kristen Palpant School Nurse 828-0801
Rachel Peters Library Specialist 7814
Josh Peterson 4th Grade Teacher 7833
Mark Pierce SS Custodian 2 7800
Michelle Pilimai DLC Para Educator 7800
Brianna Pratt Para Educator 7800
Kelly Riener DLC Teacher 7826
Andi Schaefer 3rd Grade Teacher 7800
Brenda Schreiner Para Educator 7800
Stacy Shaffer ELL Para Educator 7800
Jennifer Sicilia 5th Grade Teacher 7836
Celeste Simone 3rd Grade Teacher 7859
Suzi Slaton Quest Teacher 6123
Jenn Snider Kindergarten Teacher 7831
Tammy Spence Speech/Language Pathologist 7395
Angie Sweet Cook II 7815
Kirstin Thompson Principals Administrative Assistant 7802
Heidi Tollefsen Building Administrative Assistant 7801
Marie Toutant-Meredith 3rd Grade Teacher 7841
Betty Wells 5th Grade Teacher 7839
Amber White Para Educator 7800
Tim Wiersma DLC Teacher 7800
Jon Williams Para Educator 7800
Mary Wilner Teacher of the Visually Impaired 7612
Dody Wilson LAP Para Educator 7800
Melanie Wiser 4th Grade Teacher 7854
Ryan Wiser Physical Education Teacher 7851
Gerri Wright Para Educator 7800
Jennifer Wrigley 5th Grade Teacher 7840
Dani Wurst Physical Therapist 7600