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Our Prairie View PTO is an extremely active and involved group of parents and teachers who strive to make Prairie View Elementary not only a great place to learn, but also to create a community up here on the Five Mile Prairie. Whether you join us every month at PTO meetings, participate in PTO events with your Prairie View student, volunteer at our wonderful school, or help fund raise for the PTO, you are helping contribute to the many programs, gifts and opportunities that the PTO provides to our Prairie View students and faculty.

Throughout this website, you will find information about many of the programs that the PTO sponsors and plans. Thanks for your involvement in the Prairie View PTO!

2022-23 PTO Board Members

  • Kristen Langham, President

  • Becky Senescall, Vice President

  • Megon Raines, Secretary

  • Holly Dehlbom, Co-Treasurer

  • Jessica Green, Co-Treasurer

  • Ana Espindola, Fundraising Coordinator

  • Maribeth Watt, Co-Fundraising Coordinator & Social Media

  • Amanda Dikes, Volunteer Coordinator