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Our Staff

Office Phone: 509-465-7800 | Fax: 509-465-7820 | Attendance Line: 509-465-7884 (24hrs)  

Principal: Jeff Naslund 509-465-7810
Principal's Admin Assistant: Kirstin Thompson 509-465-7802
Building Admin Assistant: Heidi Tollefsen 509-465-7801


First Name

Last Name


Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Stephanie Abel DLC Paraeducator 7800
Caitlyn Anderson DLC Paraeducator 7800
Jennifer Bagnall 2nd Grade Teacher 7837
Dawn Belding-Wilson Occupational Therapist 7855
Susan Bell 1st Grade Teacher 7829
Rebecca Bigelow Physical Therapist 7855
Courtney  Broderick DLC Paraeducator 7800


Chaffins Library IT Specialist 7814
Amanda Chandler Paraeducator 7800
Jennifer Chapman
3rd Grade Teacher
Flora Chevillet Library Paraeducator 7814
Hannah Duvall Occupational Therapist 7855
Nora Ehrhardt Paraeducator 7800
Sara Ferris LAP Teacher 7800
Shelli Fiordirosa Classified School Nurse 7834
Colette Flynn Kindergarten Teacher 7830
Amber Fox DLC Paraeducator 7800
Manny Gonzales DS Custodian 7800
Sonny Ha SS Custodian

Emily Hairston DLC Paraeducator 7800
Jen Harmon DLC Paraeducator 7800
Ryan Hodl 5th Grade Teacher 7800
Sierra Hosied Paraeducator 7835
Meredith Jaecks Teacher of the Deaf 7800
Jenny Lehrman OT/PT Paraeducator 7800
Kimberly Leighty 1st Grade Teacher 7828
Susan Madel Cook 7815
Lisa Martin Music Teacher 7850
Lindsey Masiarek DLC Physical Therapist 7855
Jane McCarville ELD Teacher 7800
Morgan Mizoguchi DLC Teacher/Intermediate 7827
Rachelle Mulder LAP Teacher 7800
Jeff Naslund Principal 7810
Alisha Nelson Kindergarten Teacher 7832
Kellie Nixon 5th Grade Teacher 7839
Trish Nordhagen 1st Grade Teacher 7822
Linda Ovens DLC Paraeducator 7800
Linda Pachman Paraeducator 7806
Kristen Palpant School Certificated Nurse 828-0801
Charitie Park 2nd Grade Teacher 7800
Angela Payne RR Paraeducator 7800
Josh Peterson 4th Grade Teacher 7833
Melva Pryor 4th Grade Teacher 7841
Kelly Riener DLC Teacher/Primary 7826
Stephanie Robinson Paraeducator 7800
Patti Schaeck DLC Paraeducator 7800
Andi Schaefer 3rd Grade Teacher 7843
Hayley Siddons Kindergarten Teacher 7831
Tammy Spence Speech/Language Pathologist 7808
Angie Sweet Cook 7815
Lynzee Swegel DLC Paraeducator 7800
Kirstin Thompson Principal's Administrative Assistant 7802
Heidi Tollefsen Building Administrative Assistant Webmaster/Social Media 7801
Lindsey Toth School Counselor 7849
Becky Tucker 2nd Grade Teacher 7838
Candice Tulberg Psychologist 7865
Erin Vopalensky Paraeducator 7800
Tim Wiersma Resource Teacher/Intermediate 7845
Dody Wilson LAP Paraeducator 7800
Annastasia Winters Behavior Technician 7800
Melanie Wiser 4th Grade Teacher 7854
Ryan Wiser Physical Education Teacher 7851
Sean Woody DLC Paraeducator 7800
Jennifer Wrigley 5th Grade Teacher 7840