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Parent Handbook

Dear Parents and Friends of Prairie View School,
Welcome to the new Prairie View Elementary School year!  We hope that this handbook will familiarize you with how we do business at our school.  It is arranged in three categories:

  1. General Information,
  2. Additional Programs,
  3. Parent Involvement.
We look forward to another outstanding year of working together.  Our partnership with families is part of what makes Prairie View so special.
Dr. Irene Ganzales

Please call the Attendance Hotline @ 465-7884 or the office @ 465-7801, or send a note when your child will be  absent  from  school.   If you anticipate an extended absence, please notify the attendance secretary -  as well as the teacher.   This is most helpful to us and assures the school of your child's safety.   Should we not hear from you, you will be called to verify the child's absence. We are required by the State to report any unexcused absences as truancies. In general, the reasons for absence from school fall into one of two categories:
  1. Excused:  Absences due to illness, health condition, a religious observance, school approved activities, family emergencies and, as required by law, disciplinary actions or short-term suspension.
  2. Unexcused: Absences  due  to  a  student's  failure  to  attend  the  majority  of classes  in  an  average  school  day  and  when  a  parent  has  not excused the absence by providing a note or informing the school by phone within 24 hours.
Under  the  Washington  State  Compulsory  Attendance  Law,  parents  or guardians  have  the  primary  responsibility  for  keeping  their  students  in regular  attendance.    Children  may  be  excused  for  medical  and  dental appointments during school hours.  Parents should request in writing that their child be released at a specific time or phone the office and request a release.   Parents are asked to sign their children in and out of school at the school office when picking up or returning children to school during the school day. If the office has not heard from the parent, a phone call will  be  made  to  the  home  or  the  emergency  numbers  we  have  for  the student, to find out why the child is not in school.  It  is very important that parents call or write a note about the child's absence. Parents will be notified when their student is marked unexcused, has excessive tardies or is missing 15% or more of their school year.   If an attendance problem develops, the student, parent/guardian and principal/social worker will meet to develop a plan to resolve the attendance issues.
When the weather is severe, please be careful to ensure that your child arrives at the regularly scheduled time .   To avoid after school confusion, please have a foul weather plan if your child walks or rides a bike.  This helps keep your child safe and keeps our phone lines free in emergencies.  Please listen to major radio and TV  stations for  school closure  information.   They generally begin broadcasting at 5:30 a.m.
Our  buses  in the Prairie View area  are  operating at capacity. Extra seating is seldom available.   We are requesting that students make other transportation arrangements for visiting a friend, attending a party or scouting event, etc., that is outside his/her normal bus route.  If riding another bus is essential, however, please send a note with your child to bring to the office, before class begins, for a bus pass.  We appreciate your cooperation and support.  Our goal is to transport your child(ren) to and from school as safely and efficiently as possible.  The transportation office phone number is 465-6107.
Our  role  as  a  school  is  to  educate  students  for  life  and  work  in  their  future. Therefore,  we  want  our  environment  to  be  conducive  to  such  a  focus.   Any clothing that disrupts the educational process is not allowed.  Bare midriffs, too short  shorts/skirts,  visible  undergarments, clothing that  advertises  drugs,  alcohol, or has inappropriate messages for small children will not be allowed.  Prairie View parents exhibit great judgment in this area and we want to continue to support that with our school dress code. Please be sure that your child's name is on each piece of outer clothing and all physical education clothing. Please have tennis shoes for gym as we want to help preserve our wood floor!
The YMCA is providing a before- and after- school day care program at Prairie View this year.   Before school hours are 6:30-9:20 a.m. and after school hours are 3:15-6:00 p.m. Registration forms are available at the Prairie View office or contact the YMCA at 838-3577.
Drivers - please use the main parking lot for parking and pickup.   This is the first loop upon entering the parking lot off Johanssen Road.   Please pull into a space and avoid waiting by the curb as the exhaust fumes enter the classrooms, and  please  remember  to drive  only   5  M.P.H.  Please  refrain from talking on cell phones while driving in our parking lot.
Disciplinary sanctions up to and including expulsion and referral for prosecution will be imposed on any student in possession or under the influence of any illicit drug while at school, on the bus, or at any sponsored event.   Typical progressive discipline for such offenses is as follows:
First Offense: Recommend long-term suspension from school
Second Offense: Recommended expulsion
For possession of tobacco the typical progressive discipline is as follows:
First Offense: One - day suspension
Second Offense: Three -  day suspension and behavior contract
Third Offense: Recommended long - term suspension
Students should not bring any extra money to school.  Lunch money should be brought and marked in an envelope with the student's name on it.  If any student must bring more money to school, please leave it at the office during the day.
It is very important that the school be kept informed at all times of the home address and telephone number and emergency telephone numbers where a parent can be reached.  Please notify us if there are any changes  so  that  we  may  have  authorization  and  information  as  to what we are to do in case of an emergency with your child.
School personnel are trained to handle first aid for minor injuries.  In case of serious injury or illness, parents will be contacted immediately.  The child will be taken to a physician or hospital if the parents cannot be reached.  Once again, it is imperative that we have multiple emergency phone numbers on file in the event that a parent cannot be reached.
Harassment, intimidation and bullying on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender/sex, age, sexual orientation, or disability are prohibited.  Acts that violate district policies and school rules and regulations shall be cause for disciplinary action, suspension, or expulsion.
"Harassment, intimidation or bullying" means any intentional written, verbal, or physical act, including but not limited to one shown to be motivated by any characteristic in RCW 9A.365.080(3), (race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or mental or physical disability), or other distinguishing characteristics, including written, verbal, or physical acts.
Reprisal, retaliation, or false accusations against anyone reporting or thought to have reported harassment, intimidation, or bullying is prohibited and will be treated as a serious violation of policy, regardless of whether any harassment, intimidation, or bullying is substantiated. Persons engaged in reprisal, retaliation, or false accusations are subject to serious disciplinary and/or legal action.
For additional information see Mead School Board Policy 3207.
Washington State requires a number of immunizations before a child can attend school.  Please check with your family physician to ensure that your child is properly immunized and please call the school with any updated information.
Special accident insurance is made available through a commercial agency as a service to school families.  An information brochure will be sent home early in the school year explaining coverage and price.
The state legislature realized that reforming education will not only take a great deal of effort - but time as well. Therefore, they funded two additional teacher work days in order to meet, plan, and continue the process of improvement.   These two days are not days removed from the student calendar, but added to the staff calendar. We appreciate your continued support of  our efforts to constantly improve the learning for every student.
Most personal items may be found in the small room to the right of the cafeteria doors.  Small personal items may be claimed at the office.   Please check the lost and found frequently for lost items. You wouldn't believe how large our lost item collection  becomes!   All remaining items will be donated to a charitable organization quarterly.
There will be a breakfast program available at approximately 15 minutes before the first bell rings.   Hot lunches prepared in the Prairie View kitchen are served daily.   The school  furnishes each student  with  a monthly  menu.   Please  post  the  menu  for  easy  reference  and  to  save  a phone  call  to  the  school.   Student  breakfast  and  lunches  are  paid  via  a debit account system.   Money is sent to the school in any amount and   is deducted when breakfast or lunch is purchased.    Parents with more than one  child  at  Prairie  View  can  set  up  family  accounts,  enabling  them  to transfer meal money among sibling accounts.  Students are informed when the account has a balance of one meal so money can be added.    Please encourage  your  child  to  bring  the  "low  account  balance"  notice  home. Students may use the debit account to purchase milk or pay cash.
Applications for free and reduced price meals are available in the school office. Parents are invited to join their child for lunch at any time.  Please contact the office by 9:30 a.m  or send a note to your child's teacher on the day you plan to come so that a lunch can be ordered.
According to state law and district policy, if it is necessary for your child to  receive  medication  during  school  hours,  a  Medication  Request  Form must be filled out.   This form is available at the school office.   The form must be signed by the attending physician and the parent. The medication must be in the original container and properly labeled.  All medication will be  kept  in  the  health room  office.   Please  check with the  physician  regarding alternative times for administering medication such as before school, after school, and before bedtime.   This policy applies to both prescription and nonprescription  medicines,  i.e.,  cough  drops,  aspirin,  over  -the-  counter medications.
Physical Education is a required part of the curriculum unless your child has  a  doctor's  excuse.   We  hope  that  each  student  will  have  appropriate clothing  to  wear  for  this  class  or  for  after-school  sports.   Tennis  shoes without black soles are recommended.
No physical violence is allowed at school or when traveling to and from school.   Any students involved in altercations will be progressively disciplined.   Students are to walk away from altercations and notify adults if a student becomes aggressive towards them.
Unrestricted play time is an important time for students to practice being good citizens and to just "be kids." Therefore,   we encourage students to dress  appropriately during inclement  weather  as they will be expected to go outside during recess.
The safety of our students is a top concern for all of us.  Prairie View has the following procedures  and programs  in place to hopefully avert  any predictable problems.
  • Comprehensive club and sport programs to involve students
  • Classroom discussions on the importance of being a responsible student
  • Continual staff discussions and planning on keeping school safe
  • A full - time social worker
  • A progressive discipline plan
  • A visitor sign -in procedure.
  • Single point of entry; all exterior doors remain locked during school hours
  • Monthly fire drills
  • Periodic Lock Down drills
  • No pets may visit the school at any time when students are present.
We  appreciate  your  support  in keeping our  students  involved and connected to school, and in keeping our campus safe.

1. Be Safe
  • Walk to and from all areas.
  • Stay on the right in the halls.
  • Use school equipment and materials appropriately.
  • No chewing gum.
  • "Four on the floor."
2. Be Responsible
  • Treat others the way you like to be treated.
  • Use appropriate voice, language, and gestures inside and out.
  • Eat in designated areas.
  • Use good manners.
3. Be Respectful
  • Do what's asked~Stay on task!
  • Follow directions.
  • Have self and materials ready on time.
  • Own up to your part in problems with others.
  • Pick-up, clean-up, help-out, recycle.
  • Talk, walk, and squawk.
Throughout the year, we emphasize our guidelines for success.   These efforts make Prairie View a warm and exciting place, where new learning occurs each and every day.

Our discipline plan at Prairie View is designed to reinforce, or to teach, appropriate  behaviors.   Classroom  teachers  address  most  instances  of misbehavior, referring only a small percentage to the office.  Our consequences are progressive and parents are informed of recurring or major concerns.   Consequences range from a simple   "Time Out" & problem solving  session  with  the  teacher  to  expulsion  from  school,  depending upon the infraction.   Please contact your child's teacher or the office if you have any behavioral concern.
  • GRADES K - 5      9:10-3:20 p.m.
Student  arrival  is  designated  for  9:00  a.m.  Notice  of  any  before-school activities  will be  sent home  for your  information well  in advance  of  any activity.  For the safety of our children, please do not have students arrive earlier than 9:00 a.m. as supervision is unavailable. 
Student dismissal for grades K-2 is at 3:17 p.m., and 3:20 p.m. for grades 3-5. Please, if at all possible pick your child up after their bell rings as our teachers and students are busy working up until the bell rings. If a student needs to leave school earlier than dismissal our school policy is to have parents wait at the office as your student is called down to meet you by our office staff. This is to insure the safety of all of our students.
Also, messages to students will be delivered at 3:00 p.m. NO ANNOUNCEMENTS will be made to classes after that time (except for a serious emergency). Students will not be called out of class after this time. Please try to make arrangements before school with your child so as not to interrupt the learning process.


This year MSD has adopted a new policy that prohibits any/all homemade snacks at school. Students may bring nutritional, store- bought snacks to school to eat in the classroom at the teachers' discretion.   No eating is allowed on the school bus or on school grounds.
All staff and students at Prairie View Elementary School work together to help each other reach their fullest potential.  Everyone is treated with respect  and  dignity.   Any behavior  or  action  that  helps  someone  grow and mature will be encouraged.  Staff will keep students focused on our school guidelines:
District policy prohibits the  use  of any and all tobacco products in or  on all school  property, including all buildings  and grounds (playing fields, parking lots, etc.).
Toys and electronics are a wonderful part of childhood, but can be very disruptive at school.  Also, they can be attractive to thieves.  No toys or electronics (cell phones, game boys, CD or DVD players, iPods, video cameras, cameras, etc.) visible or audible at school. Cell phones may only be utilized before or after school. Under special circumstances, with prior arrangement from the teacher, these items may be brought at your own risk.
When visiting Prairie View, please sign in and pick up a visitor pass at the office. We have a new system, Badge Pass, that requires you to "swipe" your driver's license upon check-in. For the safety of our students, we will be enforcing this for ALL visitors wishing access to the school beyond the front office. Volunteers are requested to fill out a Washington State Patrol Criminal History Background check form.  Please see the office for form.
Our school district staff is dedicated to working with parents, police, and lawmakers to create the safest possible environment.  Washington State law mandates that any student bringing a firearm to school, onto a   school bus, or to any  school  -  sponsored  activity  be  expelled  from  all  Washington  State schools.  The firearm need not be loaded or even in operating condition.  In a similar law, a  tougher stand against dangerous weapons is now in effect.  The dangerous weapon list includes objects such as sling shots, air rifles, knives and anything that propels a projectile such as a rubber dart gun, etc.   Even a young child bringing such an object to school for "show and tell" faces seri- ous consequences.   Toy weapons should not be brought to school under any circumstances. Thank you for your support in helping us protect our safety.
At  times,  when  weather  permits,  students  enjoy  walking  or bicycling to school.   Bicycles must be walked across patrolled crossings and the school grounds.  Skateboards/roller blades/skates are never to be ridden on the school grounds. Bicycles should be secured at the school as the school cannot be responsible in case of loss.   Helmets are required. For safety reasons, we request that all children ride the bus across busy intersections. However, if you choose to have your child walk or ride his/her bike, please sign a permission slip and turn it in to the office.
Extra-curricular music programs for fifth and sixth graders are held one to two days per week at the various elementary schools throughout the Mead School District, from 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.  These students have the opportunity to participate in: a choral program, beginning and advanced band, and beginning and advanced strings.  (The strings program is also available to fourth  grade  students).    Instruments for string and band programs are available for rent at local music shops.  Parents are responsible for providing transportation to the site at 8:00a.m. and school busses will return them to their home schools at 9:00a.m.
Prairie View Elementary offers a variety of sports activities for boys and girls interested in after-school competition between the seven Mead Elementary Schools.   Athletic competition is limited to 5th and 6th graders, with the  exception of track which includes 4th graders.  The other team activities (5th & 6th only) are soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball and track.
All students visit the school library on a regular basis for lessons, stories and book checkout.   The number of items a child may check out varies according to grade level and teacher assignments.   The main goal of the library program is to support classroom instruction, encourage the enjoyment of reading for pleasure, and information, and to provide a broad selection of materials to compliment and  expand the curriculum.   We also build responsibility in students through regular library use.  You can help your child in these ways:
  1. Read with your child and let him/her read to you.
  2. Encourage your student to actively participate in Library activities.
  3. Facilitate activities and encourage the use of the school and Public Libraries.
  4. Provide a backpack, book bag or plastic bag to keep books safe and dry.
  5. Have a special place at home to keep books out of reach of pets and/or younger children.
  6. Help your child to turn in materials on time.
The Resource Room staff provides specialized assistance for children in grades kindergarten through sixth who have been formally identified as having a specific learning difficulty.   To be eligible, students must be referred, tested, and qualified based on current  Washington State Law. Please contact your child's teacher if you have  any  further questions about such assistance.
The LAP (Learning  Assistance  Program) is a state-funded program which provides specialized academic assistance for students (grades 2-5) who are having academic problems in the regular classroom.   Students qualify based on their specific test scores.
Students with speech, language, voice and/or fluency disorders are seen by the speech therapist on a weekly basis.   They are seen in groups of one to three students for 40-60 minutes each week, depending on the type of disorder and the severity.  Students are identified for the program through screening and teacher or parent referral. As stated before, it is highly important that parents always remain directly involved with the children's activities at school.
Following are some things you as parents can do to help your child with his/her school life:
  1. Work with teachers, principal, nurse, social worker, and other school personnel.
  2. Show enthusiasm and interest in the things your child is doing  in school.
  3. Help your child understand the need to be considerate of others and to respect their property and rights.
  4. Encourage your child to tell about school activities and listen sincerely when he/she does.
  5. Call the school when unsure of school-related matters.
  6. Hear both the child's and the teacher's version of a controversial issue.
  7. Praise your child for work well done and praise him/her for improvement. (Improvement may take place in work and study habits, conduct, attitude, and specific skills.)
  8. Take turns in the family to help him/her learn to do so at school.
  9. Visit school often and accept invitations for classroom and school activities.
  10. Help your child schedule time so that he/she has a opportunity for study time and reading time at home on a regular basis.